Month: July 2014

A visit from Fiorella DiCarlo at the BABBP 2014

We always say that our BBQ rig is an extension of our home and are always excited to invite new friends into our home. This year we had the pleasure of meeting and feeding Fiorella DiCarlo of Fiorella Eats.

Our first pit stop was Ubon’s Barbeque all the way from Yazoo, Mississippi! Ubon’s barbeque, sauces and bloody mary mixes have been recognized across the country, winning more than a fare share of awards. We were graced with Garry Roark himself, who said Ubon’s BBQ is“an extension of my home.” He’d never invite anyone into his home without offering a drink–which is how we sampled Ubon’s BBQ Bloody Mary (non-alcoholic). All natural, without fat or MSG, the bloody mary had an ever evolving flavor profile with each sip. Of course he’s got the garlic, onion, celery seed and cayenne of a classic bloody mary. But what make it special was their 5th generation, Memphis style (with a nod to Kansas) UBONS Sauce and fresh dill pickles.

The bbq bloody mary was just a start! Garry pulled pork right in front of us (with his hands to show how tender that pork butt was!) and whipped up a pulled pork sandwich, slathered with his famous sauce and coleslaw. I don’t know what it is about eating a pulled pork sandwich that was just pulled 2 minutes before, but I was heartbroken taking the last bite


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