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BBQ Family teaching Pad Thai

“Country music singers, have always been a real close family…….”

-Hank Williams, Jr.

“Who is this young lady?”

“This is Ali, she’s my BBQ family”

That’s a lot easier than, “This is Ali, her mom, Jessica, is married to Ken, who…..”

You hear “barbecue family” or more likely see #bbqfamily quite a bit lately, but what does it mean?

Well, this is Ali. We know her parents from the BBQ world. Ali needed some prerequisite hours toward her pre-med program in college.

So, Ali was driven from Virginia to Yazoo City, MS by her granddad where she spent a week working with Doc in his clinic. While she was here, she taught the Barbeque Princess and Pitmaser J how to make Pad Thai. Then Ali’s mom, Jess showed up from Virginia in a VW beetle to drive her back home. But not before a little brunch with Benton’s bacon supplied by Jess and some Bloody Mary Brisket and Egg hash (recipe coming soon). Why did this happen? We’re BBQ Family.

You can follow the Hess’s adventures on Carnies Meat Circus

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Pad Thai with Bloody Mary Cucumber Salad
Course Main Dish
Course Main Dish
  1. cook rice noodles as directed on box
  2. mix brown sugar, soy sauce, lime juice, sambal, and oyster sauce in bowl
  3. heat wok or large pan on medium-high heat with oil
  4. put garlic and green onion pieces into the oil, followed by the meat; stir with wooden spoon until cooked
  5. put noodles into the pan and combine
  6. pour sauce into the pan and coat evenly
  7. put most of the basil into the pan, but leave some for garnishing; combine
  8. sprinkle individual servings with remaining basil and serve with bloody mary salad
  9. optional toppings: peanuts, sambal, cilantro, chillis
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