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Barbeque Princess and the Beard House

Yazoo City, Mississippi sits right on the last hill before the Delta runs flat out toward the Mississippi River. In the space between you’ll find some of the best food and hospitality you’ll ever encounter.

Somehow I’ve been given the honor of showing off what Yazoo County has to offer. I’m still stunned when I realize that on August 2 I will be in James Beard’s tiny kitchen in NYC cooking for people who love the American food experience. It’s thrilling and terrifying. I don’t even consider myself a real chef! With this opportunity I plan to showcase the best of what Yazoo County has to offer: kibbie, tamales, Mississippi Cheesestraws, Simmons Catfish, and of course, Ubons BBQ.

Our squad has been checking experiences off the ole bucket list for years: throw out the first pitch at a Cardinal’s game, stand on the 50 yard line at the Mile High Stadium, cook bbq on Madison Ave, guest Pitmaster In Australia. And now cooking at the James Beard House.

Cooking alongside me are my husband Heath (Doc), Craig (The BBQ Ninja), Jacob (my son), and Terrance (the Frymaster.)  We are nervous and thrilled and know one thing for sure: the food will be amazing.

Leslie Roark Scott

The Barbeque Princess

Ubons BBQ

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