Ubons Bloody Mary Mix

Shake the heck out of it!

This concept was first developed by Legendary PitMaster Garry Roark, in Yazoo City, MS, approximately 20+ years ago. It began as a way for Garry to extend hospitality to our BBQ Friends & Family at BBQ competitions & events. Over the years, it has become somewhat of an institution. We are always so pleased by the number of other competitors and event attendees who stop by our competition booth to enjoy a UBONS BBQ Bloody Mary. Based on overwhelming support by its devotees, UBONS has recently decided to bring this product to the marketplace.

Even though Garry is quite proud of his BBQ Bloody Mary Mix, many of our friends and family started shouting for something with a little more kick. For these hot-heads, Garry developed his signature “Pitmaster’s Hot and Spicy” Bloody Mary Mix. So, whether you like subtle heat that builds, or you like a good punch to the tastebuds, we’ve got you covered.

All mixes are non-alcoholic – All Natural, Gluten Free, Fat Free & No MSG and incorporate traditional bloody mary flavors with bits of garlic & onion flake, celery seed, cayenne. What makes them special is our 5th generation, World Championship UBONS Sauce, which is a Memphis style, and, of course, the flavors of fresh dill pickles. With all of these wonderfully complimentary ingredients, UBONS Bloody Mary Mixes have a complex flavor profile that evolves with each sip.

Our mixes are packaged in a true 1 Liter (33.814 FL OZ) glass bottle.

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